Health benefits

If consumed regularly, green smoothies can help your system rebalance itself, so you don’t get so many cravings for sugary, fatty foods. People who take green smoothies on a daily basis report improvements in weight control, energy levels, bowel function, sex drive and menstrual activity.

One of the most popular and well-known advocates of green smoothies is Robyn Openshaw. Openshaw conducted research through her website,

In her book “The Green Smoothies Diet” Openshaw says that according to research conducted through her website, drinking a quart (almost equivalent to one litre) of green smoothie daily, for life, achieves:

• Ideal weight for the long term

• Significantly reduced risk of disease

• Dramatic increase in energy

• A permanent change in digestive patterns, eliminating within 12-24 hours of eating

• Decreased desire for refined sugar

• Over the first year, elimination of heavy buildup of mucoid plaque in the digestive system as well as heavy metal and other toxic materials

• Reversal of mineral deficiency issues, so that nails strengthen and grow faster, hair thickens, and gray hair possibly returns to its natural colour

• Increased sex drive and mitigated PMS symptoms or menstrual irregularity

Please note that this is not a “diet” – green smoothies should be consumed in addition to other foods. Ideally, those other foods will be healthy foods, but if you are used to a high-fat, high sugar diet, drinking green smoothies every day while making gradual improvements in your eating habits is a much better plan than having a sudden detox which could confuse your system and give you unhealthy cravings.

Once you get used to green smoothies – this could take several weeks or even months – you’ll find that your diet improves naturally.